Terms & Conditions

Service, support and warranty

The following applies when you as a consumer places an order in our webshop. We pay for shipping concerning warranty issues. Support is provided on-site at our boutique or via telephone and email. For warranty repairs, the machine is to be packaged very well and sent to us. Contact us to receive a free shipping label. Always save the original packaging to pack and ship the machine safely. We cannot pay for damages incurred due to lack of safe packing. The services described herein are valid for five years from the date of purchase. Valid receipt required. Free shipping for warranty issues for package up to 20 kg.

For you, as a private person, the law of Distance Contracts applies. With the strict rules of this law,  the law applies even though you might have agreed otherwise. For businesses, including sole traders, Sale of Goods Act applies, which is permissive, meaning that agreements between companies applies primarily before the law.

We comply with the Personal Data Act (PUL). When you, as a private person, register and make your order, you agree that we store and use your personal information in our business to be able to fulfill our commitments to you in the very best way. We protect your information according to PUL, and you have the right to access the data and to have them deleted if you so wish. We will not share customer information with third parties for advertising.

Should any conditions be found invalid according to the provisions of Swedish or European law, this does not mean that purchasing will be invalid, but the invalid condition must then be replaced with an equivalent legal text.

Customers shopping in our web shop must be over 18 years old. Macgivery refer to Swedish law, where online shopping made by minors is not recommended. This is to be concidered a safety rule for both consumers and shops. Of course it is possible to order a machine or product to be given as a gift to someone younger than 18, but the request and the purchase must be made by an adult.

Macgivery reserves the right in individual cases to deny or change an order in which the incorrect data entered or if the customer is found to have reported problems of payment. False orders are traced and reported to the police, and if we suffered economic harm, we must then claim an amount for damages.

Payment and delivery
When goods are placed in the basket, go to the checkout, where payment methods clearly applies. Prices are shown with inclusive or exclusive of VAT and the VAT rate in the given case. Delivery will take place immediately unless the item is out of stock at our store.

Contact us if you have questions about a product, we will gladly help and assist you: info@macgivery.se 08-37 66 11 / 070-421 79 54

In addition to the price can shipping charges be added. These are always indicated when the purchase is made. We always send free shipping on orders over 1000: - within Sweden. Normally there are no additional fees, but if that is the case it will be clearly applied during the ordering process.

In the webshop, goods may be marked with the supply indicator. We reserve the right to backorder products temporarily out of stock while we wait for new delivery within a reasonable period of time. Alternatively emphasize non-deliverable items to be excluded from your order as well as the price for the item. If you wish to order another, equivalent product, this is considered to be a new order. If you wish to cancel an item because of delay in delivery, this is possible to do until the product is effected, in other words; the invoice or shipping document has been created.

When you place your order, the delivery method appears at the checkout. It is your responsibility to make sure that the address you provided when ordering is correct. Delivery takes place only in Sweden, unless otherwise stated. Delivery may also be made within Scandinavia if an agreement has been made with the customer and us. Shipping, transport and freight costs for the given conditions will be added for shipping outside of Sweden. Contact customer service for such requests and agreements.

Not picked up shipment
It is the purchaser's responsibility to pick up the shipment at the delivery point within the time stated on the invoice. If you can not receive the package on delivery, or do not pick up your package at the delivery point, it is sent back to us, and we may need to charge you a fee for shipping and administrative costs.

Change of order
You can make changes to your order of stocked goods until the order is effected. If the amendment is approved, any price differences will be settled according to the price, valid at the time of change. Individuals have a right of withdrawal, see the "Right of withdrawal".

A cancellation is not valid until you receive confirmation from us. You can cancel your order at no cost for you until the order is effected. After this time, orders made for your company, is obliged to accept the delivery. Individual purchasers have a right of withdrawal, see the "Right of withdrawal".

Return Policy
According to Distance Contracts, customers has an individual right to cancel the purchase within 14 days, when items are bought for your personal use and not for business. However, you have no right of withdrawal for orders of less than 400 SEK. You cannot return an item if you ordered a product manufactured to your specifications or is in any ways altered or adjusted to fit your personal needs. There is also no right of withdrawal on computer programs. Note that under the law, you should pay for the return shipping costs and by law may be paying for a commodity value reduction if you handled the goods to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its properties or function.
The 14 days return policy period starts the day you received the goods. If you ordered several items or item you ordered is made out of several parts, the withdrawal period starts when you received the final product and the final part of the article. If you regret your purchase the goods must be returned unused, undamaged and unopened packaging / sealing / sealing technology.
If you want to exercise your right you e-mail us and share your information, your customer number and current product information. You will get a confirmation that we received your message, then we will consider, if you meet the conditions required for the application withdrawal. You will then receive a reply by e-mail from us, in the given case with information on how to return the goods.
After receipt of the returned goods and the goods has reached us, the purchase amount will be refunded to you within maximum 14 days from arrival to us.

Demo-products and used machinery
Demonstration machines and used sewing machines are not to be repurchased or changed since they are sold with greatly reduced prices.

Claims and surrenders in some cases
If you are a private person received a damaged product, or if we sent the wrong item, you will need to complain about the goods promptly, and within two months from the time you discovered or should have discovered the error. Complaints The time is at most 3 years depending on the nature of the product and any warranty promise.
If you are employed received a damaged product, or we sent the wrong item, should be returned as soon as possible after you received the product.
It applies to both individuals and companies, the damaged or incorrectly sent the goods to be returned in the same packaging and the same carrier, as it was received, along with a detailed description of the error.
You should make a complaint by contacting our customer service via e-mail where you get guidance approach.
If we can not send a new product to you within a reasonable time, we will refund the return shipping as well as what you paid for the damaged or incorrectly sent the goods.
Compatibility Problems sometimes occur between different products. We therefore recommend that you find out as much as possible before you place your order to avoid unnecessary costs.

We reserve the right to typographical errors, and the errors in information and specifications regarding products and services that exist in our sortiment.Vi reserve the right to make changes to the print conditions at the identified needs and printed product of errors detected. The conditions applicable are those which you carry out your purchase and accept the current terms and conditions, subject to any typographical errors and unforeseen changes from our suppliers.

Force majeure
Both parties shall be exempt from the fulfillment of the contract if performance is prevented or materially adversely affected by circumstances that a party could not reasonably control or predict. The following circumstances constitute grounds for relief where they prevent or impede the implementation of agreements: fire, war, earthquake, terrorist attack, mobilization, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, general shortage of goods, lack of transport, strikes, lockouts, power cuts, restrictions in terms of power and defects or delays in deliveries from suppliers arising in such circumstance referred to in this paragraph, or other circumstances outside the party's control, which either prevents or hinders party performance to such an extent that it can not be done except at abnormally high cost. Have circumstance lasted longer than 2 months, both parties have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.

Disputes and applicable law
Any disputes should primarily be settled in agreement with our customer. Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) provides a cost-free process, which individuals can take advantage of the opportunity of the dispute. Our policy is to always follow ARN's recommendations. Any dispute between the companies is decided by the courts. We want as far as possible always meet customer's desire as far as this can be considered fair and reasonable under current conditions.