Warranty & Service

Welcome to Macgivery Sewing Machine Specialist, thank you for shopping with us. The sewing machine brands we offer are all high quality machines from the best sewing machine producers on the market, with up to 5 years warranty. We are pleased to offer products that meet high quality standards and generate satisfied customers.

Free course for newly purchased machine from us 

Get to know your newly purchased sewing machine fully, partly by reading the instruction manual for your sewing machine carefully, and partly by scheduling a free sewing course with us in our shop. We offer our customers a private course at a time that suits you. We prioritize you and your specific questions on your course. You do not have to share the course with several others who may have completely different questions and needs. The amount of time for the course is flexible and if new questions arise after the end of the course you are always welcome also with them. We are certified to help you and also offer coffee / tea. This offer is valid when you purchase your sewing machine from us.

Want to go a sewing course with a machine you already have, do not hesitate to book the course cost 500: -

Warranty & Service

We handle the warranty registration of your newly purchased machine. You receive a 5 year warranty valid from date of purchase with us. Always save your receipt as it is needed, if warranty service should ever be necessary. You can consider yourself safe and in good hands with purchasing the sewing machine with us, especially since authorized and certified warranty service on machines from Janome, Babylock and Elna is performed by Macgivery Symaskinsspecialisten.

The warranty covers defects due to manufacturing defects. As the owner, you are responsible for promptly get in touch with us about any manufacturing defects are discovered. During the warranty period, shipping to and from our workshop free of manufacturing defects, always save the original packing when the box is perfect for safe transport.

Sewing machine service

A sewing machine demands regular service to maintain good condition, including lubrication, performed by our authorized service technician. This type of service is not covered by the warranty, but when you purchase your sewing machine at Macgivery Symaskinsspecialisten, we offer a free first service with us during the first year, for a value of 950: -

Note that the consumable items such as needles, belts, light bulbs, housings, needle plate, etc. are not covered by the warranty. Damage and injuries from falls or misuse is not covered by the warranty. Any errors caused by non-authorized technicians for Janome, Baby Lock and Elna are not covered by the warranty. Warranty applies for household use.

Should a fault arise during the warranty period which is determined to be a manufacturing defect, the costs are covered by the warranty. However, costs for any customer traveling, lost earnings or materials accidentally damaged is not covered by the warranty.

Always save the original packaging for your sewing machine. Perfect for transporting your sewing machine in, if the need for warranty or service should arise. The warranty does not cover defects caused by inadequate packaging for the transport service.