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Baby Lock Sashiko

Baby Lock Sachiko provides you with the traditional hand stitch, inherited thrugh generations world wide. With the unique needle system, adjustable stich length and adjustable stich distance, you can easly create the traditional stich with this sewing machine, with a result lookingbeatifully hand stiched

Baby Lock Sashiko brings beautiful results on all sorts of projekts, perfekt for quilting quilts, pillows or bags, or decorative stitches on your cothes. 

The Sashiko technique origins from the early 18th century in Japan. The Japonese wifes of the Japonese farmers, fisher men and forest workers created warm clothes for their husbands by hand. They stitched together two layers of heavy fabric, with stiches geometricaly shaped. This technique was in order to enhance and reinforce the fabric and the clothes.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the S>ashiko technique was to be found also in the cities. The stich shapes evolved with pattern of waves, flowers and birds to bring decoration on all sorts of clothes and fabrics. Cotton fabric was coloured dark blue, with the dark blue coluor extracted from the rooths of the Japonese flower Indigofera tinctoria. containing the blue pigment Indigo.

Baby Lock Sashiko is a semi-industrial quilt machine with Sashiko stitch, complementing your sewing room

LED monitor
The unique monitor system, brings full control over your stiches and stitch shapes. The monitor indicates with light, your exact position in the stich for great results.

Adjustable Stitch length
Create long or short stiches, 2-5 mm. Adjust spacing between stitches, short or long distance 2-5 mm. 

Working space
The adjustable pressure ot the presser foot, brings ease when it comes to manouvering your fabric while creating circles and other shapes. LED lights over the needle area certifies well lit working space.

5 years full warranty.

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