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BabyLock Gloria

BabyLock Gloria conquers serging in a way you never thought possible thanks to RevolutionAir™ threading. Thread the loopers smoothly with just the touch of a button, and then thread the needles automatically with the touch of another button!

You’ll have more time to focus on your creativity than worrying about setting up your machine. BabyLock Gloria also has all the features you’ve come to expect from Baby Lock sergers that make all your creative dreams a reality.

RevolutionAir™ Needle Threading: Engage the RevolutionAir threader, push a button and the needles are threaded! Baby Lock’s RevolutionAir Threading makes setting up your machine faster and easier than ever.

RevolutionAir™ Looper Threading: Insert thread into one of the threading ports, push the button and a gust of air quickly pushes it through the patented tubular loopers, exactly where you need it every time.

8/7/6 Thread Stitch Capacity: With eight threads, Gloria gives you 87 stitch combinations. Plus, you can combine overlocking and cover stitching in the same operation.

Automatic Thread Delivery™ (ATD) : Never worry about tension adjustments again. Enjoy perfectly balanced stitches regardless of the type of fabric you’re using. And ATD lets you thread your loopers in any order.

Easily serge large projects with room to spare. You’ll love adding decorative stitches to yards and yards of fabric.

Always stitch at a comfortable pace for the outmost precision.

Advanced Serging Features

• Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch options

• Serging options from two to eight threads

    o 87 Stitch combinations including Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch for additional stitch         options

    o Chain/cover stitch functions include single, double and triple cover stitch

    o Overlock stitch functions to seam and encase fabric edges

    o Flatlock stitch functions for seaming or decorative effects

• Advanced cutting system handles thick fabrics with ease

• Automatic rolled hem stitch functions create a professional finish

• Dial adjustable stitch width: 1.5 - 7.5mm, up to 16mm wide on expressive stitches

• Dial adjustable stitch length: 0.75 - 4mm

• Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem

• Bypass port and guide for special thread

• Up to 1500 SPM; stitches per minute

• Adjustable presser foot pressure dial

• Adjustable presser foot height up to 6mm

• Automatic subsidiary looper for two-thread conversion

5 years warranty included

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