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For the most control over your fabric while piecing, most quilters prefer to use the Straight Stich Needle Plate. This foot works specifically with that plate to achieve a perfect 1/4" seam in Straight Stitch Mode. The small single hole in both the plate and the foot ensures the most control over your fabric possible and the least risk of threads or fabric getting caught in the feed dogs. *Must be used with a straight stitch in center needle drop position. 


Memory Craft 9900, Memory Craft Horizon 12000, Memory Craft Horizon 14000, Memory Craft Horizon 15000, Memory Craft Horizon 8200, Memory Craft Horizon 8900, Memory Craft Horizon 9400, Skyline 7, Skyline 9

Elna eXcellence 680, eXcellence 720PRO, eXcellence 730PRO, eXcellence 760PRO, eXcellence 780, eXpressive 860, eXpressive 900

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