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Janome Memory Craft 500 E

The latest embroidery machine from Janome is the Memory Craft 500 E. Embroidery machine with the ability to import designs via USB stick or cable, unique editing options, fast microprossessor, and automatic thread cutter. Perfect complement to your sewing machine for those who love to add a little extra on your creations and projects, or why not create gorgeous bracelets for example, which is possible with this fine machine. Additionally, Janome MC 500 E offers 160 built-in designs, plus the ability to import your own. Lots of exciting features that one quickly learns to handle and apply.

Completely new software on the Janome MC 500 E, for the opportunity to embroider micro embroidery with tiny details in even the thinnest fabrics. Micro embroidery allows the machine to sew 0.3 mm large stitches, showing Janomes precision. Thin needle and thread are of course needed for this. Achieve professional results with Janome Memory Craft 500 E. 

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 Features and benefits:

 Embroidery Machine (only, not combined)

 160 built in designs

 3 fonts in three heights: 10, 18 and 30 mm

 Monogram, 2 and 3 letters

 Including 2 hoops, size 200x200 mm plus 200x280 mm

 Embroidery speed 860 stitches per minute

 Combine and edit designs directly on screen

 PC connection via USB stick or cable

 Easy Set coil system

 Thread Cutter

 5-Year Full Warranty


Embroidery hoops

Comes with two standard hoops, SQ-hoop with embroidery size 200x200 mm and RE-hoop with an embroidery size 200x280 mm. You can supplement with the free arm hoop 100x40 mm, SQ-hoop 140x140 mm cap hoop *. Select the design you want to embroider and combine on the large colour touch screen.


Import design

Choose from 160 built-in designs, you will find beautiful designs like for example the beautiful bracelet design, quilt design and beautiful letters. You can also transfer your own design from your PC via USB * flash drive or cable. Attach the hoop/frame to the embroidery machine and press start. You embroider! MC 500 E stops automatically when it's time to change the thread colour and automatically cuts the needle and bobbin thread with a single keystroke.


Stitch Quality and editing capabilities

With the stitches of Janome quality, you can embroider designs with a speed up to 860 stitches per minute, with wonderful precision. Of course, you get all the Memory Craft benefits, editing directly on the touch screen, rotate by 1 degree control, enlarge to 110% and reduce to 90% the size - full control of 1% at a time, the ability to combine and save your own design. Memory Craft 500E can handle large designs with flying colours, but is superior on micro embroideries  - that is, embroidering tiny details with incredible precision.

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