Policy and cookies

Policy and cookies

We protect our customers' privacy and we protect the data provided to us in connection with the purchase in our webshop. This is important for us, please read more about policy and cookies here.


Your personal details will not be forwarded, sold, exchanged or shared with other companies, organizations or individuals without your consent.

Our only purpose of collecting and saving information is to provide you with optimal service.


According to the law of Electronic Communications Act, official since 2003, visitors on a Web site should be informed about the use of cookies, as well as being able to prevent their use.

A cookie is a small text file (usually less than 1 KB) stored in your computer and stores information. Cookies are used for improving the site to the user during the visit.

Our website uses the helpful variety of cookies, so called session cookies. When you browse on a website, session cookies are sent between your computer and our server to exchange information. For example, apply what you have put into your cart, or if you are logged on to My Pages.

We do not store any personal information via session cookies. Session cookies are not saved permanently on your computer, instead they disappear when you close your browser.

There are security settings in most browsers that can disable session cookies. Most often, you can also remove any session cookies that have already been accepted.

If you choose not to accept session cookies on our website, the website will not function properly.

When visiting this website, your IP address is automatically registered for statistic purposes.